Africa has a vibrant community of young, dedicated, and ambitious researchers whose innovative and entrepreneurial endeavours are not highlighted and publicized, which consequently does not shape public opinion or benefit the populace. These young and vibrant African researchers and innovators, who consistently call for and propose innovative solutions to the continent’s climate challenges, need a veritable platform to discuss and propose solutions that are sustainable and futuristic in perspective. This conference, whose main vision is to transcend academic boundaries and directly impact communities, adopts the paradigm “From Research to Practice” and focuses on empowering young researchers and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and solutions to the level of adoption and implementation. The “From Research to Practice” conference seeks to equip the next generation of problem solvers with the knowledge, skills, and determination needed to tackle this monumental challenge head-on, ensuring their efforts extend far beyond the lifespan of any single research project. Building on the successes of past initiatives like the Ecoyouth Africa Conference held in 2011 and 2016 in Ghana, this event serves as a dynamic platform for collaboration, learning, and networking. Bringing together researchers, innovators, industry experts, policymakers, and entrepreneurs fosters a culture of cooperation and knowledge sharing, sustainability, and green initiatives, and, more importantly, drives positive environmental change through research-driven entrepreneurial action. The “From Research to Practice” conference has an online platform and will involve keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Conference participants will gain invaluable insights and resources to kickstart or scale their climate-friendly start-ups and, in turn, inspire and empower the next generation of African entrepreneurs to lead the charge toward a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Climate Action: From Research to Practice, an Entrepreneurial Perspective

The conference theme, “Climate Action: From Research to Practice, an Entrepreneurial Perspective,” underscores the crucial role young researchers and entrepreneurs can play in driving climate action and sustainable development across the African continent. The focus is on empowering youth to harness their entrepreneurial spirit to create innovative solutions that address environmental challenges and contribute to development and sustainable economic growth. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and sustainability among Africa’s youth, the conference aims to pave the way for a greener, more prosperous future for the continent.

Specific objectives

The objectives of the conference include:

    • Empowering young entrepreneurs in Africa to become agents of change by driving climate action and sustainability through their business ventures.
    • Providing a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking among youth entrepreneurs, industry experts, and policymakers to foster innovative solutions for sustainable economic development.
    • Inspiring and motivating youth to prioritize environmental conservation and sustainable practices in their entrepreneurial endeavors.
    • Encouraging partnerships and collaborations between startups, established businesses, NGOs, and government agencies to support youth-led initiatives that contribute to the green economy.
    • Equipping young entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, resources, and tools to launch and scale eco-friendly businesses that create positive social and environmental impact.
    • Promoting the value of youth entrepreneurship as a key driver of economic empowerment, job creation, and sustainable development in Africa.


Conference Outputs

    • Publication of research papers, case studies, and policy briefs highlighting innovative solutions and best practices in youth-led sustainable entrepreneurship.
    • Creation of a network or platform for ongoing collaboration and knowledge sharing among youth entrepreneurs, industry stakeholders, policymakers, and NGOs working towards sustainable economic empowerment in Africa.
    • Development of actionable recommendations and policy frameworks to support youth-led initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and economic growth.
    • Launch of funding opportunities, mentorship programs, or incubation support for youth-led startups focusing on sustainable business practices.
    • Formation of partnerships between youth entrepreneurs, established businesses, academia, and government agencies to drive collective action towards a more sustainable and resilient economy.
    • Showcase successful youth-led initiatives through awards, recognition, or exhibitions to inspire others and foster a culture of sustainability and entrepreneurship among African youth.
    • Capacity-building workshops, training sessions, or skill development programs to equip young entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to scale their businesses and drive positive environmental impact.
    • Publication of a conference report summarizing key insights, discussions, and outcomes from the event, including actionable steps for moving forward in promoting sustainable economic empowerment among Africa’s youth.


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