Rural Savannah Region, Ghana – In a significant stride towards sustainable community development and climate resilience, the Nortoma Women’s Group has enthusiastically embraced the Moringa Food Forest Programme, an empowering initiative spearheaded by Afrivoices for Climate Change (AFC). This pioneering program aims to empower small-scale farmers to cultivate Moringa trees, heralded for their exceptional nutritional value and health benefits, fostering regenerative agriculture practices and food security in rural communities across Ghana.

As envisioned by AFC, the Moringa Food Forest Programme seeks to establish Moringa food forests, thriving hubs of nourishment and environmental preservation, within rural communities. The programme’s far-reaching goal is to combat food insecurity while promoting regenerative agricultural practices, aligning seamlessly with the mission to create sustainable communities resilient to climate challenges.

The Nortoma Women’s Group, comprising enterprising women farmers, emerges as a beacon of progress, actively contributing to the well-being of their community through their participation in the programme. Grace Kaleo, Chairwoman of the Nortoma Women’s Group, exudes excitement, stating, “This programme offers us a unique opportunity to cultivate crops that not only nourish our bodies but also nurture the environment we rely upon.” Gandaaboori Alice, the group’s treasurer, passionately echoes the sentiment, expressing her belief that the programme will extend its benefits beyond the group, profoundly impacting their families and the broader community.

Already showcasing promising results in pilot communities under individual farmers, the Moringa Food Forest Programme demonstrates increased crop yields, soil quality improvement, and enhanced nutritional intake for farming households. The Moringa trees, offering shade and ameliorating the microclimate, have proven to be a boon to agroforestry practices, instilling a harmonious coexistence of agriculture and forestry.

John Baptist Kabo-Bah, the esteemed Founder of AFC, exudes enthusiasm, welcoming the Nortoma Women’s Group to the programme, envisioning their contributions as transformative in fostering sustainable agriculture practices. “Empowering women farmers is instrumental in driving regenerative agriculture and fostering sustainable development in rural communities,” he emphasised, underlining women’s pivotal role in transforming the agricultural landscape.

Beyond catalysing sustainable agriculture, the Moringa Food Forest Programme stands resolute in addressing the gender disparity in the agricultural domain. By providing women farmers with access to training, resources, and markets, the programme endeavours to promote gender equality and bolster women’s participation in economic and social development endeavours. Such efforts contribute not only to individual empowerment but also to the long-term growth of entire communities.

In anticipation of commencing their maiden Moringa crop plantation, the Nortoma Women’s Group exudes gratitude and optimism for the transformative prospects that lie ahead. Grace passionately envisions a collaborative journey: “By working hand in hand, we can forge a better future for ourselves, our families, and generations to come.”

The Nortoma Women’s Group’s enthusiastic participation in the Moringa Food Forest Programme epitomises the spirit of progress and resilience, fostering a greener, sustainable tomorrow for the rural Savannah Region. Together, their strides set a promising precedent for cultivating a flourishing landscape of sustainable agriculture and gender equality in the heart of Ghana’s rural communities.