Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), through the Central University of Punjab, organised a two-day virtual International Conference on “Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Opportunities and Challenges. The conference, held from 26th to 27th August 2021, brought together faculty experts, researchers, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, industrialists, practitioners and students to have a top-notch discussion, research lessons sharing on how businesses, especially traditional Micro, Small and Medium enterprises could revive from the world unprecedented crisis caused by the novel COVID-19 and create new more opportunities and policies for inclusive growth and development.

The first day featured notable keynote addresses and technical presentations from practising professionals and selected papers, respectively. Some prominent key addresses included; Prof. Taposh Ghosal, Central University for Jharkhand, who presented on Entrepreneurship in the Age of Globalization. He acknowledged the growing pace of using technology to do business. He admonished small companies to scale the adoption of new models in the industry, especially in the era of the new normal. Likewise, other key addresses included:  Prof. Tapas Kumar Mishra, University of Southampton, UK (Rationality or Intuition), Prof Susie Pryor, Kansas Small Business Development Center, USA (The Winds of Change), and Prof Tonia Warnecke, Rollin College, Florida (The COVID-19 Crisis and Inequality in the USA).

Technical sessions continued on the 27th of August with more engaging sessions and keynote addresses, including; Prof. Sonjaya S. Gaur (Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and Prof. Lynn Martin (Entrepreneurship and small business in changing times). Six technical sessions were held, and the Afrivoices for Climate Change CEO John Baptist Kabo-Bah presented at the Agripreneurship technical session on “Leveraging Technology Innovation Partnership for inclusion adoption and sustainable development: A Farmer Centric Platform to Revolutionise Moringa.”

The paper was acknowledged by the session chair, Professor R. K Mahajan and other professionals and practitioners as a critical paper that has the chance to inform policy and transform rural communities, especially with the sustainable idea to digitise Moringa smallholder farmers, strengthen strategic partnerships for rapid growth, support the holistic development of the Moringa value chain through technology and enhance farmers resilience and guaranteed market linkages for moringa products etc.

Punjab, India – Afrivoices for Climate Change (AFC) CEO John Baptist Kabo-Bah, captivated a distinguished audience as he presented a pioneering paper on Agripreneurship during the two-day virtual International Conference organised by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) in collaboration with the Central University of Punjab. The conference, themed “Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Opportunities and Challenges,” took place on August 26th and 27th, 2021, drawing experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners to deliberate on navigating the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and fostering inclusive growth and development.

Exploring Pathways for Business Revival and Inclusive Growth

The conference’s first day featured illustrious keynote addresses and technical presentations by industry professionals and selected papers. Renowned academics such as Prof. Taposh Ghosal from Central University for Jharkhand, Prof. Tapas Kumar Mishra from the University of Southampton, Prof. Susie Pryor from the Kansas Small Business Development Center, and Prof. Tonia Warnecke from Rollins College, Florida, shared valuable insights on entrepreneurship in the age of globalisation, rationality or intuition in decision-making, winds of business change, and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on inequality in the USA, respectively.

Afrivoices for Climate Change CEO Shines in Agripreneurship Technical Session

On the second day, the technical sessions continued, hosting stimulating discussions and captivating keynote addresses. Among the highlights was Afrivoices for Climate Change CEO John Baptist Kabo-Bah, who took the stage during the Agripreneurship technical session. His thought-provoking paper, titled “Leveraging Technology Innovation Partnership for Inclusive Adoption and Sustainable Development: A Farmer-Centric Platform to Revolutionize Moringa,” resonated profoundly with session chair Professor R. K Mahajan and other esteemed professionals and practitioners.

Unveiling the Path to Transformative Change in Rural Communities

Kabo-Bah’s paper garnered acclaim for its potential to shape policy and drive transformative change in rural communities. The innovative proposal outlined the digitisation of Moringa smallholder farmers, fostering strategic partnerships for rapid growth, and enhancing the Moringa value chain through technology, all aimed at bolstering farmers’ resilience and creating guaranteed market linkages for Moringa products. The groundbreaking approach showcased the power of Agripreneurship in revolutionising traditional farming practices and unlocking opportunities for sustainable development.

Culminating with a Call for Resilience

The conference culminated with a compelling address by Professor Mamata Parhi from Roehampton University, UK, who delved into “Navigating the Knowns and the Unknowns: Resilience and Small Business.” Her thought-provoking insights reinforced the significance of resilience in navigating challenging times, urging entrepreneurs and small business owners to embrace adaptability and innovation to overcome uncertainties.

A Transformative Confluence of Visionary Minds

The ICSSR International Conference was an extraordinary confluence of visionary minds, fostering a spirited exchange of ideas and knowledge to tackle the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and small business. The virtual platform served as a beacon of progress, propelling participants to chart new pathways for business revival, inclusivity, and sustainable development amidst a changing world.