The call for abstracts for the conference invites submissions that focus on innovative solutions, research, case studies, and best practices related to youth entrepreneurship, sustainability, and climate action in Africa. Potential topics for paper submissions may include, but are not limited to:

      • Youth-led business models for sustainable development and economic empowerment in Africa.
      • Case studies of successful youth-led initiatives that promote environmental conservation and green entrepreneurship.
      • The role of technology and innovation in fostering sustainable economic growth among African youth.
      • Policy recommendations and frameworks to support youth entrepreneurship and climate action in Africa.
      • Sustainable supply chain practices and ethical sourcing in youth-owned businesses.
      • Collaborative efforts between youth entrepreneurs, the government, and non-profit organizations to drive sustainability and economic empowerment.
      • Financial mechanisms and support systems for scaling eco-friendly businesses are led by African youth.
      • Challenges and opportunities for youth entrepreneurship in the context of climate change and environmental sustainability.
      • The impact of youth-led initiatives on local communities, job creation, and inclusive economic growth.
      • Lessons learned and best practices for leveraging entrepreneurship as a tool for addressing environmental challenges in Africa.

Authors are encouraged to submit original research, case studies, policy analyses, and practical insights that contribute to the ongoing dialogue on empowering African youth to drive sustainable economic development through entrepreneurship and climate action. Submissions should demonstrate a clear link to the conference theme and offer actionable recommendations for promoting a greener, more prosperous future for the continent.


Deadline for Submission of Abstract: March 30, 2024

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